Dr. Kristelle Maranon


Hello! I’m Kristelle, but I usually go by my nickname Kria, like a baby alpaca! I realized becoming a veterinarian was my dream job back in high school when I volunteered at a local vet clinic. I was inspired by the compassion and love they had for each pet that walked in and amazed at the things they did to help them. From then on, I set my sights on pursuing veterinary medicine, and haven’t looked back since.

I completed both my Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Melbourne. In my second year of vet school, I externed in an animal park that had a litter of rabbits at the time. I was so enamored by them that I ended up taking one home, whom I named Meeko. Since then, I’ve developed a soft spot for small mammal exotics.

Outside of university, I volunteered at the Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary, as I was always fascinated by wildlife. I also had the privilege to be involved in a program that provided free health care, neuters, and spays to pets of members of the Aboriginal community in rural Victoria. On the weekends, I worked as an ‘animal ambulance driver’ for a shelter, where I helped bring stray and lost animals back to their families. These experiences deepened my love for animals and my desire to improve their lives with the work that I do. After graduating, inspired by my own rabbits, I briefly worked at a rabbit and guinea pig-exclusive clinic, and a small animal clinic before moving to California.

I am thrilled to be part of a highly skilled, compassionate, and dedicated team at California Pet Hospital. My goal is to continue honing and cultivating my skills and knowledge to provide a higher level of service and care for our patients.

Being new to the area, you might find me outdoors or doing touristy things during my spare time, exploring beautiful northern California and the Bay Area. I also enjoy baking, board games, and singing, and I find time to go on video calls with my two bunnies, Meeko and Lady, back in Australia.